Beers of the World: Costa Rica – Volume 9

Costa Rica isn’t a country that elicits the idea of glorious pints of beer.  It will never be Germany, Ireland, or Belgium in that regard.  However, as a hot Central American country with a fair amount of coastline, it absolutely conjures the desire to sit in a beach chair with your feet in the sand and a cold one in hand.

Mamacandela by Treintaycinco

I love dark beer and stouts reside dead center in my wheelhouse.  When I came across a Costa Rican brewed stout that claimed to be tropical, I had to give it a shot.  The question was…would it’s flavor be subtle enough to be enjoyable or would I be smacked in the face with overwhelming sweetness?

The Basics

  • Country: Costa Rica
  • Type: Stout
  • ABV: 7.8%

 The Bottle & Branding

Mamacandela was the final craft beer I tasted in Costa Rica.  It also happened to have the best bottle and branding.

Short, stubby, brown glass bottle: check

Good color scheme (pale yellow, black, and red): check

Cool fonts: check

Sexy cartoon Tica in booty shorts twerking on the bottle: check

Seriously, what more could you ask for?  This bottle is exactly what I would have chosen were I given a cooler full of different beers.  What can I say?  Sex sells.  And this bottle is sexy.

The Beer

Mamacandela was exactly what I hoped for when I saw the bottle…thick, dark, smooth, and delicious with a hint of sweetness.  Pretty much exactly how the cartoon Tica is portrayed!  It’s like the female version of Malacrianza.  But instead of a handsome Latin Adonis stealing your girl, it’s an exotic raven-haired beauty who slaps you in the face, drinks your beer, then grabs you and pulls you in for the most passionate kiss of your life before disappearing into the night.  You’re left with your head spinning and a slight lipstick smear on the corner of your mouth.

Of the craft beers that I tasted in Costa Rica, only Tano Manso Blueberry was on the same level as Mamacandela – an exceptional taste perfect for someone looking for a dark, heavy beer in a tropical climate.  Beer Rating Score: 8

 The Beer And a Backpack Beer Rating Scale:

10: This stuff is made of unicorn smiles and the best song in the world.  There is nothing superior in any galaxy.

9: Did I just become Batman?  Because drinking this will LITERALLY make you Batman.

8: When you’re a kid and it’s Christmas morning and you actually get exactly what you want, that’s this beer.

7: I could drink a paycheck’s worth of these beauties and still not get a hangover.

6: It tastes pretty good.  I’d buy this beer for home consumption.

5: This is beer.  That’s it, it’s just beer.

4: Something isn’t quite right here.  Is somebody watching me?  Do I have lettuce in my teeth?

3: Awesome, yeah, I wanted to spend the next 12 hours with my face in a toilet reviewing the contents of my stomach.

2: This “beer” is the equivalent peeing your pants while giving an important work presentation and finding out your significant other is sleeping with your best friend…at the same time.

1: Falling into a nest of Bullet Ants would be preferable right now.

0: Kill me. Now.

Best For

Drinking, plain and simple.  This is a damn good beer and it should be appreciated.  It’s not for chugging or drinking to get drunk.  It’s to be savored, experienced, and understood.  It’s like a beautiful woman.  Treat her right and you’ll be provided with endless happiness.  Treat her like shit and you’ll be curled up on the floor hugging the toilet while crying over your stupid life decisions.

Regret Level

*Calculated out of 100% based on how bad I think I will feel after a night of drinking only this beer.

80% elevated level of regret

This is not a beer you want to get drunk off of unless you’re highly skilled at getting drunk off of heavy, high ABV brews.  The hangover you’d have to endure would be epic on the beer hangover scale.  You might actually opt for death.  The only difference between this beer’s hangover and a shitty beer’s hangover is that you’ll at least have the hazy memory of drinking a good beer the night before.

Disclaimer: Don’t be stupid.  Follow all local laws and don’t act like a drunken idiot.  Drink responsibly!