Beers of the World: Dia Lager

Dia Lager

Prior to arriving in Spain, I assumed that the majority of my drinking would be focused on wine and sangria.  The wine prediction definitely came true.  It’s awesome.  The sangria, however, is not what I expected.  It’s usually only made at family outings and isn’t available in restaurants/bars like I had hoped.  The stuff they serve at bars is out of a tap or a bottle.  Fail.  So, beer is back in the game!  Unfortunately, most of the beers I’ve tasted are crappy pilsner-types with no defining characteristics (there seems to be a theme developing here) and lame branding.  But I’ll keep drinking them and writing about them because that’s what a good writer does.  He drinks.  And I suppose he should write some too.

 Dia Lager

Dia Lager wasn’t the first beer I tasted in Spain.  It isn’t the best tasting beer I’ve had in Spain.  It’s nothing more than a store branded beer.  But, Dia Lager is the champion beer of Spain.

The Basics

  • Country: Spain
  • Type: Lager
  • ABV: 4.8%

 The Bottle & Branding

Dia Lager comes in a can.  It might come in a bottle too, but that’s now how Dia Lager should be packaged.  The can looks like it was designed by the same people that design Walmart’s store branded items.  You know that this is a cheap beer even before you look at the price tag.  While not buying this beer for its good looks, the can is not unattractive.  The gold and dual shades of red create a decent appearance.  And the gold color is obviously indicative of a champion.

The Beer

Dia Lager

Why is Dia Lager the champion of my Spanish drinking experience?  It’s very simple.


Just look at this receipt.  I circled the price of a 24 pack of Dia Lager.

Dia Lager

6.24 EUROS!!!  0.26 EUROS PER CAN!!!

I paid that for one beer in Denmark & Sweden.  Here, I get an entire case!

I’m a budget traveler, so I take “value” into account when it comes to my spending.  I know that I’m going to spend a lot of money on beers when I’m tasting tons of different craft brews.  That’s fine.  Consequently, I can’t drink those craft beers on even a semi-regular basis or my around-the-world journey is going to end very quickly.  This is where the value-based beer comes into play.

Dia does not taste great, but it also does not taste bad.  It has a respectably OK flavor to it with a hint of sweetness.  I wouldn’t order it at a bar when there are new craft beers that I can try.  I would absolutely choose it over the dozen other mediocre pilsners that I’ve tasted the 13 countries I’ve visited so far.  Hell, I’m drinking one right now as I write this post!     Beer Rating Score: 7*

*The beer rating score for Dia Lager is dependent on price.  At a higher price the score would drop to a 5.

Dia Lager


The Beer And a Backpack Beer Rating Scale:

10: This stuff is made of unicorn smiles and the best song in the world.  There is nothing superior in any galaxy.

9: Did I just become Batman?  Because drinking this will LITERALLY make you Batman.

8: When you’re a kid and it’s Christmas morning and you actually get exactly what you want, that’s this beer.

7: I could drink a paycheck’s worth of these beauties and still not get a hangover.

6: It tastes pretty good.  I’d buy this beer for home consumption.

5: This is beer.  That’s it, it’s just beer.

4: Something isn’t quite right here.  Is somebody watching me?  Do I have lettuce in my teeth?

3: Awesome, yeah, I wanted to spend the next 12 hours with my face in a toilet reviewing the contents of my stomach.

2: This “beer” is the equivalent peeing your pants while giving an important work presentation and finding out your significant other is sleeping with your best friend…at the same time.

1: Falling into a nest of Bullet Ants would be preferable right now.

0: Kill me. Now.


Best For

This is a beer meant for one thing, and one thing only: pure, unadulterated consumption.  It’s the beer you always keep in your fridge.  You don’t stock pile it because it’s your favorite beer, you keep it on hand because it’s cheaper than water.  Consequently, when we’re hit by the apocalypse (which, let’s face it – is going to occur any day now considering the current state of humanity), Dia Lager will be the new currency.  It’ll be more valuable than gas or water in a Mad Max movie.  Go buy a case.  Buy 2 cases.  Hell, buy the store’s entire inventory!

Regret Level

*Calculated out of 100% based on how bad I think I will feel after a night of drinking only this beer.

15% very low level of regret

I consumed a fair amount of Dia Lager during my first month in Spain.  I haven’t partied hard with it, therefore, I cannot yet speak to the dangers of overconsumption.  However, based on my experience, I can assure you that the hangover from this beer would register somewhere between “I feel fine, but no eggs for breakfast…just in case” and “damn, I have to go buy more Gatorade”.

Disclaimer: Don’t be stupid.  Follow all local laws and don’t act like a drunken idiot.  Drink responsibly!