Do you like beer?

Do you like adventure?

Let people know with your own BeerAndaBackpack gear!

Odds are you use Amazon for online shopping.  Their customer service and Prime 2-day delivery is hard to beat.  So that’s why I set up an Amazon Merch account where you can choose from a variety of BeerAndaBackpack printed t-shirts in men’s and women’s sizes.  Check them out here!

BeerAndaBackpack Amazon Merch

Or if you’re looking to get a bit more creative, you can create personalized BeerAndaBackpack items in my Zazzle shop or simply pick up some of the items I’ve already created. (below)  The possibilities are endless!

BeerAndaBackpack American Apparel T-Shirt

Men’s American Apparel T-Shirt

Also, if I don’t know you and we cross paths somewhere in the world and you’re wearing/carrying any BeerAndaBackpack gear…all your beers for the rest of the day are on me!  If I do know you, I’ll buy you a couple beers anyways!